Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pray for Sarah

Just though we would update everyone on how Sarah is going.
We went to the doctor this morning to confirm what I already thought and to get some pills to fix it up. The doctor confirmed that it is cellulitis and thinks the cause was a spider bite.
So she has started to take a course of antibiotics so pray that these will work quickly so Sarah can get back to work.

Judith & Adam
Day 3 – Wednesday
We awoke to wet morning after a lot of heavy rain yesterday afternoon and through the night. Fortunately it had cleared in time for us to start work at 7:30. We continued with all hands on brick laying throughout the morning and finished the courses to the top in the area where we had scaffolding. After lunch we moved the scaffolding and began some more bricklaying. The progress looks slow but the steel rods throught the bricks to tie the roof on do make it a lot harder. It is great to see it going up and we can see that it will be achievable. Still no container! Grrr! The whole team is working really well together and everybody seems to be enjoying it and working very hard. We are still getting used to the change in timezones, but sleep is happening a little easier for most now.
Dinner tonight was some rice with a peanut sauce (purple in colour) and some thing they called fish but I am far from convinced. Not the best meal we have had. A trip to Two Friends is now definitley on the agenda.
Roger struggling through his dinner

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Arrival

33 hours after leaving home we finally arrived here at the YWAM Base in Jinja, adjacent to the Village of Hope. As we wearily unloaded our luggage from the bus we were allocated our rooms. We are spread out right across the base, but have found ways to keep in touch. After settling our stuff into our rooms we walked across in the dark to the village and were met with a very excited greeting by the children, and the mothers, Agnes and Lois.

After the initial greeting time we enjoyed some dinner that the ladies had prepared for us, then we took our dirupted body clocks off for some sleep We really are here in Africa.

The Work Begins
Day 1 began with rain. This delayed our start, and our breakfast for a while. Settling into the worksite took some time, as did working out what we could do and what jobs required something else to be done first. The day was really about preparation for the tasks ahead. Still no sign of a container on site – we need it really soon as there are things inside we want/need to use. Hopefully the right people can do what has to be done to get that sorted very quickly for us. It turned out to be a good day, and we are in readiness tomorrow to start laying some bricks. Looking forward to that!

Day 2
First bricks laid today. The building is on the way up again. We had a quick tutorial for all of the novices and then they were quickly into it. From Jeff who managed the mixer with Sarah on water supply, to Judith who was wetting the walls in preparation for all of the brick layers. Emily and Anne-Marie did some point work before going off to paint some doors. It was great to see progress being made. This afternoon we were in town for the first time, stocking up on phone cards and various other supplies. Up to date there haven't been too many complaints about the posho, although rumour has it that Roger may not have actually eaten any of it yet.
Agnes preparing our breakfast - delicious "Rolexes"

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Made it to Dubai

Well, here we are after 14 hours in the air, trying to work out what our body clocks are saying here in Dubai airport. The flight went without incident, some old hands (not me) slept well, others watched a host of movies, and all in good spirits. Fortunately that's the longer leg of the flight, only a short 7 hour trip from here to Entebbe to go.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A New Team

Here is the new team about to embark on the epic journey to the Village of Hope in Jinja, Uganda. We have had our final meeting, collected tickets and shared around the tools that we need to fit into our luggage. Only 4 sleeps until we depart on Saturday - Boxing Day. Everyone is very excited and looking forward to getting to the village, meeting Lois, Agnes and all of the children, and getting on with the job of continuing to build the Village of Hope. Please pray for us that God will make us "strong and courageous"

from the top:
Emily & Anne,
Rodney & Derek
Anne-Marie & Ben
Jeff, Adam, Roger, Sandra & Ron
Sandy, Judith & Sarah