Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 3 – Wednesday
We awoke to wet morning after a lot of heavy rain yesterday afternoon and through the night. Fortunately it had cleared in time for us to start work at 7:30. We continued with all hands on brick laying throughout the morning and finished the courses to the top in the area where we had scaffolding. After lunch we moved the scaffolding and began some more bricklaying. The progress looks slow but the steel rods throught the bricks to tie the roof on do make it a lot harder. It is great to see it going up and we can see that it will be achievable. Still no container! Grrr! The whole team is working really well together and everybody seems to be enjoying it and working very hard. We are still getting used to the change in timezones, but sleep is happening a little easier for most now.
Dinner tonight was some rice with a peanut sauce (purple in colour) and some thing they called fish but I am far from convinced. Not the best meal we have had. A trip to Two Friends is now definitley on the agenda.
Roger struggling through his dinner

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  1. Rogie-eat your beans boy! So yummy and so good for you!