Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pray for Sarah

Just though we would update everyone on how Sarah is going.
We went to the doctor this morning to confirm what I already thought and to get some pills to fix it up. The doctor confirmed that it is cellulitis and thinks the cause was a spider bite.
So she has started to take a course of antibiotics so pray that these will work quickly so Sarah can get back to work.

Judith & Adam


  1. Sarah that looks very nasty, angry looking, hope it heals very quickly, Thinking of u guys u r in my prayers and thoughts, God Bless ya. Max

  2. hope u guys had a safe new year.Had thunder and lighting last 2 days.Just remember u guys for each of u when things start to turn 2 mud u r not alone but we r 1 in spirit and prayer.God bless u all abundantly and don't 4get b inventive with t food.Chris