Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Update

Day 9 – Tuesday
Another long and frustrating day in Kampala for Ron and Pastor Moses today. Despite meetings with the Chief Minister and Ministry of Finance officials, we made no progress at all on obtaining our container. Our hired Clearing Agent seemed not to be in control and was not getting us anywhere. We left him with instructions to lift his game tomorrow.
Back at the site, the final bricks were laid on the Admin building in the morning as well as the last of the door frames installed.

After lunch the team took the children and mothers from the village on an outing to a swimming pool. A lot of fun was had and many sodas were consumed.

Day 10 – Wednesday
This was the dirtiest day of all as we put in a big effort washing down the walls and scraping the floors to rid them of all the excess mud. The building is now looking good and some of the top plate has been added as well in readiness for the roof to go on. Still no good news on the container, although at least now the information is back with customs in Jinja where we can try to sort it out a bit better.
Anne and Emily went off for a while in the afternoon to visit the mother of 4 of the children in the village who is very sick and unable to care for her children. It was a very moving time for them, and they were able to help bring on the operation that she needs.
It was unanimously decided that it was time for another dinner out so we made a booking at 'Gately on Nile' and enjoyed a wonderful time.

Day 11 – Thursday

Hallelujah – It has come! The container is on site. Pastor Moses' tireless efforts finally brought reward when a new agent was given the job and managed to do in half a day what the previous guy could not do in two weeks. By early afternoon the container was released and Ron and Pastor Moses rode triumphantly into the village atop the container.

Prior to that the remainder of the team had continued to clean up and move unused bricks around in readiness for the next phase of work. We look forward to tomorrow unpacking the container and using the stuff inside.


  1. 8, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    Thank God and thank goodness that you have finally got the container. Hopefully you will now be able to get lots of work done without so much frustration.

  2. wonderful news! So glad it was finally released and while you guys are still there to see the fun as it is unloaded! Not sure about the health and safety aspect of riding on top of it though!!

  3. so great to see what is happening, thank God for the container being released... I have heard stories where it took weeks and even months !!! Will be praying for you all