Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A different kind of day

Day 8 - Monday 4th
Monday began as normal and we were quickly into bricklaying. Sandra was nicely dressed in her best sandals, owing to the fact that her work shoes and older sandals had 'disappeared' from just outside her room yesterday. Derek led devotions for us at breakfast, and as breakfast ended, Ron found out that he was going to Kampala for the day to attempt to have the container liberated from its 'prison'. 5 hours in very cramped buses and people not in their offices despite prior indication that they would be meant no success yet, but very hopeful of better news tomorrow.
The rest of the team remained behind and did a lot of work so that the bricklaying on the Admin block should be finished by lunchtime tomorrow.

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  1. I feel your pain Ron - those Kampala trips are a killer!! You and the the team are in my prayers every day. I'm praying God will use you to get the container on site - Keep in mind his plans are greater than ours - even though we can't see them at the time