Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12 - Friday
Lots of fun today unpacking the container. The crane didn't arrive until well into the morning, but we had already unloaded about one third of the stuff before it was off the truck.
The children clapped as different items came out of the truck, and especially as Emily disappeared inside the water tank to get the things out of it.

We had everything out and then put quite a lot of it back in but in a way that we could access the things we need now.
There was work going on as well around the place and all in all it was a very good day for us.

Day 13 - Saturday
We worked in teams today. One team set up the swing set and concreted it into the ground. Another set about the task of putting a new roof on the brick making shelter. Others began the very difficult process of digging a trench for plumbing and electrical work, Roger and Ron started making roof trusses and some ladies began sorting clothes and making sure the children had new clothes and shoes to wear to church tomorrow.

We worked a long day and then quickly cleaned ourselves up and walked down the road to Hope Community Secondary School where Robert, and his lovely wife Rachel had prepared dinner for us. Several suggestions were made that Rachel could get a job as a cook at YWAM!

Day 14 - Sunday
Church at a number of places today, Abundant Life with the children, Wairaka Miracle Centre with Pastor Moses and Bugembe Miracle Centre with Robert. Then the bus collected us from our various locations and took us to town for lunch at Flavours. They make good food and great fresh juices, but they take their time doing so and our whole trip became just lunch. On our way home we dropped in at the Care4Kids orphanage and spent a couple of hours playing with a different bunch of kids.

(Photos at Care4Kids used by permission of ISA)

Today we really did feel like we had earned our day of rest. It has been a very big week with little time off.

Day 15 - Monday
Into our last week now and the need to get things done was a powerful driving force. The roof on the brickmaking shelter and the plumbing trench are both almost complete. Sorting of clothes and books from the container is all done. The swing was completed and a long line of kids were able to enjoy the fun of a great new swing.
The truss making really got into gear and we can see the end of that process approaching rapidly. All of this was achieved today despite a power blackout. We were able to put the new generator to use. Of course we needed fuel and oil for this, gso Robert arrived promptly with those. A nice bottle of oil and 7 litres of petrol in a shopping bag! Most of it was able to be transferred into our gerry can before filling the generator. Some things you just can't do at home are so much more acceptable here.

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  1. WOW - How cool to see little Ibra smiling and enjoying the swing - This is what it is all about! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Thanks for the awesome updates and for the tremendous efforts of the whole team - BLESS YOU! Johann