Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 7 – Sunday

Beautiful clear skies greeted us on this day of rest. After a breakfast we prepared ourselves with cinnamon scrolls and rolls from the Ossie Bakery in Jinja, we went off to church. Half of us went across to the village and accompanied the children to the Abundant Life church just down the road. The other half of us went by taxi to Pastor George's church across the Nile in Njeru. In each case the services started with our group making up the bulk of the congregation until all of the locals flocked in.They also both went for 3 hours. Despite not understanding all of the words that were being sung, there was no doubt that we were experiencing real worship, with God's presence evident.

The group that came to Pastor George's church had to put up with Ron's preaching. Maybe next week they will get a break.
Church was followed by lunch in Jinja and tonight we are guests of Pastor George and his family for dinner.

Sandra ad Emily on the way from church to lunch in Jinja. No need to hang on!

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