Sunday, February 1, 2009

Working on the Site

Sat 31st
After a good night’s sleep, we started with breakfast at 8am which consisted of chipattas (like pancakes but a bit heavier) with jam or with egg rolled up or the super model called a Rolex with egg, cabbage and carrot rolled up. There were also some roasted potatoes, some donuts, and more pineapple. We had devotions and conducted a prayer walk around the site, and then it was into work for everyone. Paul, site manager for team 2 allocated jobs to everyone and then it was hard work for all. Some laid mud bricks, some laid fired bricks for the septic tank, others dug trenches, some painted window frames, some mixed mud, others sifted dirt ready to mix mud, some brushed walls, some set out the string lines for the next building, the kitchen and toilet block, and John our leader went shopping. I think he ended up working harder than any of us.

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