Friday, February 13, 2009

Better Again

Wednesday 11th
The worksite had recovered largely from the rain of yesterday and so we were able to get lots of work done. Boards between the roof sheets and the walls were fitted, with holes for ventilation drilled on house one, as were more of the window shutters and the front door. The fascia board was painted with the thinnest paint you could imagine, so Ben and Callista just kept going around and around until some sort of coverage was obtained! Kirstie did a great job painting the window shutters. To make sure that we had at least one building to go on with on Friday, we boxed up and poured the ring beam on the toilet/washroom, as well as a slab outside the doors of this building. Hopefully the ringbeam on house 2 will also be completed by then so we will be able to lay the final 3 courses of bricks on those buildings. There are still lots of things that we would like to get done before we leave, and the time is beginning to run out, so we are hoping and praying for good working weather.

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  1. Thanks so much for your updates Ron. They are such a blesing to those of us that have been there and its so good to see the first of the houses close to completion. Hope the progress continues so well. Its hard to imagine that you are praying against rain when we desperately need it . Lucky our great God knows how to work that out better than we do.
    God bless