Friday, February 13, 2009

The Care 4 Kids Orphanage 2nd visit

We went back to Care 4 Kids orphanage to have dinner with the children. We were greeted as warmly this time as the first time, and many of the children came searching out their 'friends' from the first visit. We took along a number of gifts to give the children, some went via the office, and some we gave to some very excited children. After the gifts had been given out, we spent some time playing games and talking with the kids. They showed us things like their school books and talked about what they had been up to. We had dinner together, posho and beans, and then for a treat, we had brought along some fruit for a rare dessert. After dinner, the children organised a game for us which ended up with all of us having wet seats - they thought it was funny! Our time together ended with a small fireworks session with fireworks some of our boys had purchased. We had to leave, but no-one wanted to and the children kept asking when we would be coming back. Care 4 Kids is a special place with great staff and the most loveable kids. Make sure you call in there next time you're passing!

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