Sunday, February 15, 2009

Friday 13th - no worries here

After a fun day rafting yesterday, we were back at work today with lots of enthusiasm and determination to get as much done as possible. Once again John enjoyed the 'fun' of shopping for a long stint in the morning. We 'unveiled' the ring beam that we had poured on the toilet/washroom and proudly admired our work for a couple of minutes, then quickly set about laying the final 3 courses of bricks on top of it. The window shutters were all built and Cam hung the front door of house 1 and fashioned a locking device for it from a few shaky descriptions of what was required, so that house is now officially at 'lock up' stage. Just some internal doors to be fixed, a little painting and sealing of the walls to go before the beds can be made and installed. Bert did a lot of preparation on the beams to support the roof over the kitchen/dining/toilet area. We worked well together and came home a tired bunch. Always there to encourage us though are the 'site supervisors' from across the road.

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