Thursday, February 5, 2009


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Two days of hard work on the site have been very productive. House two is now ready for the concrete ring beam at the top of doors and window height. Doors and windows are being installed on house 1, the septic tank has been bricked up all of the way and has been rendered, the kitchen / bathroom unit for the two houses is well on the way and the plumbers have finally climbed out of their trench, been to town to get fittings and pipes, and are beginning the process of laying all of the pipes to get water in and out of the bathrooms. It has been great to see the willingness of every person to work hard and do the jobs that have been required, not just the ones they like. We really have functioned as a team, and it has been a lot of fun and it’s great to see the way the site is changing so rapidly.

Today a small group of us visited Hope Community Secondary School just a short 10 minute walk from Hope Village. The school has been built and financed by Robert who is a part of the HopeBuilders team and it opened on Monday. It was fun to see the school and meet the students and teachers. We had a look around and then sat with the students on their morning break and chatted with them for about 40 minutes. It was exciting to be there at the beginning of something that God has called into being. It was also challenging to see the needs that they have at the school, some of which are huge, and some of which can be easily fixed by a relatively small financial outlay in our terms, but that is money that is not so readily available to the school. Pray with us that God will provide for this school whose vision is to provide quality education at a price that is affordable to a wider section of the community than the other schools in the area
The girls in the kitchen preparing lunch for the students!

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