Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Ministry

Several months before coming to Uganda, I received an email at work that appeared to probably be spam. It was sent to a large number of church email addresses. Just before I was about to delete it, I noticed that it mentioned the town of Jinja, Uganda, so I read it instead. It was from a guy called Alvin Imbizia, who has established a ministry called "Aids Ministry and Children, Uganda." I replied to the email, saying that I was coming to Jinja in February '09. Alvin sent several more emails and I gave him a phone number to contact me on when We arrived. Last week Alvin and one of his co-workers Michael, came out to visit me at YWAM, and yesterday I slipped off during the lunch break to meet him again in his 'office'. Alvin has a ministry to several villages north of Jinja, supplying farming implements for families and another program where a family receives a 'she goat' and then has to breed from that goat, and then give back the first born 'she goat' so that another family can receive a goat. Having a goat can be of great benefit to a family and this program so far has over 100 families in one village with goats, having started with just a few. Alvin's ministry is also involved in helping orphans by assisting the guardians of the orphans to be able to keep the children in their homes. Often the person who becomes the guardian of an orphan does not have the resources to look after them (that's why we are here building Hope Village) and his team try to help so that the children can remain with the wider family. Alvin was very excited that I replied to his email - I am the first and only so far - and he wants people to know about what he and his team of volunteers are doing so that people can pray for them. Please join me in doing that. There is a great deal of need here in Uganda, much more than what we as Hopebuilders can cover.

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