Sunday, February 8, 2009

On Our Own

Friday 6th
Well it’s just us now, no longer can we check with Paul about how things are meant to go or rely on Andrew to do all of the organising with Robert and Ivan. But the way things have gone, we seem to be coping OK on our own. Work is continuing with the building of the toilet / washrooms going well and the plumbing and electrical work largely complete. A torrential downpour at lunchtime made the site a lot harder to work on, and motivation levels were down a little as we were frustrated with some local contractors not turning up to do the things they were expected for.

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  1. The first day when your on your own can be hard and interesting, however, then you realise that you are still under the guidance of God - He has never left - He has all of the organisation in His grasp - He has worked out how much each team will get done - just look to Him. All of you on team 3 are doing an awesome job - these three buildings are truly a combined work of ALL THREE TEAMS - How Awesome is Our God!!