Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wednesday 18th

Our final morning on the site was good and bad. It was good to come to an end with all that we had been doing, but unfortunately a power outage meant that the welder and angle grinder were out of action so the last couple of shutters for the windows did not get finished. The new sign was installed by the front gate, and it is clearly visible from a long way down the road.

After lunch we caught a bus to the orphanage run by Pator Moses about an hour away from Jinja. This was the orphanage that has just had funds donated to get a fence to provide some security for the children. The children were very happy to have some Mzungu visitors and Pastor Moses was also keen to show us around. The team played with the children for a hour or so before they put on a little 'entertainment' for us. They managed to welcome each of us by name in a song, even if some of the names were difficult to recognise. Whilst we were visiting, John was busy submitting plans for the village and all of the buildings for approval. All you builders in the Yarra Valley eat your hearts out, the whole procedure was over in a couple of hours! Try doing that at home.

The evening was a meal at the family next door to Hope Village. This family has been very supportive of each of the teams and it was a good way to end out time in Jinja. Unfortunately the power outage had continued so we had to apck up and clean up in the dark. Power was still out when we left at 5:00 am on Thursday morning for our safari.

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