Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A good Day

Monday 9th
Another good working day on the site. Good weather helps and today was fine all day. Colin forged ahead making the window shutters, and has several fitted and others cut ready to weld together. Window sills were fitted to all windows in both houses today. Lots of walls were brushed down ready for sealing. The toilet/washroom walls are all completed up to ring beam level, and the cavity between the fired brick and mud brick walls at the end of the dining area was filled at each end, and a mud render on the exposed fired brick part of the dining area wall is almost complete. Lots of stuff done. The team is working really well together and enjoying what we are doing. The roofing team completed the last of the sheets and the capping on the roof of house 1, it looks a treat. The frustrations continue with the contractors who do the ring beam. Its almost a week since we finished the walls to ring beam height in house 2, and so far only 2 walls have the ring beam poured. unfortunately we have plenty to do after they finish, and the roofing team is held up also. Maybe tomorrow! The culinary department at YWAM must have known that we had a good day - we had fish for dinner which was a first and very tasty.

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