Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday 16th

Today was our last full working day, and we made good use of it with a 7:30 am start and a finish at 6:30 pm. The external bricks on house 2 are now complete, and the internal ring beam was uncovered and some remedial work on it begun. Tomorrow we hope to lay the top 3 courses of internal bricks. Colin and Cam, our metal workers, continued to produce doors, door fittings and window shutters. Bert and Dan finished all of the timber work in the kitchen dining area while the rest of us played in the mud. Many tired bodies dragged themselves off to the common room for a soda and then had probably our tastiest YWAM meal yet, maybe we are becoming desensitized.
News travels very quickli in these parts! This morning the local workers who have been doing all of the concrete work mentioned that they heard we handed out some clothes yesterday, and asked if we had any for them. They stand a pretty good chance of collecting many of our working clothes and boots when we leave after Wednesday.

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  1. Hi Ron, Thanks for the great updates! Just loved the takeaway posho and beans pic! Gave me a real good laugh!!!
    Enjoy your safari trip and regards to all.
    love Sandra