Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday 14th

Because we had Thursday off, we decided to work all day Saturday and forgo our afternoon in town. Finally the ring beam on house 2 was completed (10 days after we finished the mud bricks ready for it) so we were able to start laying the final courses on top of house 2. Bert and his crew erected the poles and beams linking the kitchen with the toilet/washrooms, at last giving some shape to that building. The welders were kept busy working on a large sign which is to be erected at the front of the block. A signwriter appeared and has painted a prep coat. John had to deal with the loss of our security guards who resigned on the spot in the morning after having had a pay claim rejected yesterday. He and Robert managed to find someone to replace them. We said goodbye to Tim and Ben from team 2 who headed for the airport for their trip home.

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  1. Thanks so much for keeping us updated with the progress you have made. Makes me wish we were still there!! You guys are doing an awesome job and we thank God for you all. Have a great time on safari...a well deserved break. Be blessed love Kathy