Sunday, February 1, 2009

Church Ugandan Style

Sunday 1st Feb
Church this morning was very local - about 5 minutes walk from the YWAM base. It was fairly small, about 40 locals and 22 visitors. Just like home, very few people there at 10 am, turn around at the end and there were pepole everywhere. It was a familiar style for us, worship followed by some testimonies, we visitors were welcomed, there was a kids presentation then the sermon. Would you believe it? An American lady preacher! Mind you the local guy translates into the local language, and then when she had finished he summarised it again in english, with his off-sider translating for him in the local language. Then afterwards it was fun meeting them all and walking home with many of them.

Noah, the kid next door sang and gave testimony / led a special offering during the service

The Worship team seemed a fairly flexible arrangement - people moved in and out from the front.

The flurry of posts is about to dry up, it will be several days before we are back in town where internet access is available.

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  1. Great to be part of the worship at Abundant Life. Lots of energy there and passionate worship. Praise God.